About Us

In 1968, my grandparents Don & Opal Cote founded Don's Windmills. Through thick and thin, they stuck by each other's side as this business was built. By the time she passed away in 1997, their windmills could be found throughout the United States, in Chad, Africa, Mexico, and Japan. My grandpa climbed his last 40' windmill tower at the age of 89, and passed away in 2009 at the age of 90. In 2010, after separating from the U.S. Marine Corps, my family and I proudly stepped into my grandparent's shoes to run Don's Windmills. Since that time, we have answered the demand of our customers and  started another endeavor, Windmill Ceiling Fans of Texas. We are still family owned & operated, and will continue to keep the traditional windmill business alive. We are honored you're here at our site, and look forward to visiting with you!

Jim & Lou C. McKendree

James C. & Jordan McKendree